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Today's business requires a solid, flexible and updated network. Unified Network will help with this challenge.


  • IPVoice PBX

  • SecureWiFi networks

  • Security gateway

  • Cloud Servers

  • Network Management Services

  • Security surveillance

Unified Networks allow your business being more agile by managing the user per profile, undependable of the device used to access the network, even do remote office access. CAPEX reduction due to the cable installation reduction and improve the network flexibility. Additionally Servers on the Cloud allow you to pay what you use and forget about suddenly expansions no foretasted in the budget.

With a over 20 year experience on the IT & Telecom business, supporting our customers from the basic equipment installation to the complex new services implementation for operators and company services, AXVOM has a remarkable knowledge to work together on your challengers success.


World has been working to be Green and governments are implementing different green incentives to move over renewable energy.

Move further and contribute with a Blue word. Hi efficiency Photovoltaic solution, Electrical car solution, Backup plants base on methanol are some of the drivers for this shift.

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