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20 Years experience on Telecom allows us to provide the high quality solution 

Today's technical market confronts a though competition and different challenges to increase the ARPU and provide the end user best service efficiently. AXVOM consults companies to define the best solution for their challenges and continue supporting them after the solution is implemented.

Site Development

Telecom Site Development includes from the site acquisition, site drawing, local use permissions, solution proposal for the specific site, site installation supervision, project management and sign the acceptance protocols.

This end to end service permits the control for the whole process taking appropriated measurements to comply with the committed days.

Catalog of Services includes:

  • Site Survey

  • Site Engineering

  • Site Drawing

  • Site Construction permits

  • Site Installation

  • Site Integration

  • Civil Works (Site Preparation or Restoration)

Network Instalation

Installation service supports our IT, Telecom and Energy business areas, working with the market standards to comply with the highest quality, and securing a project success. Installation services includes IT Network installation, Structured cable installation, Fiber optic fusion and installation, Telecom site installation, MTSO Installation, testing and optimization.

Project Management

Time to market is important for the operators market strategy as well as the budget and AXVOM service starts from the conceptualization project phase, working together with the operator to define the best project route, through out the planning, execution and closing, warranting the project is on time and under budget.

Project monitoring and controlling is implemented during the project period and periodical project reports are issued for AXVOM and operator analysis. Projects can use PMI or PRiSM methodology up on customer request




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