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Unified Networks​

adds flexibilty and security

AXVOM and its partners have developed a solution for UNIFIED NETWORKS migration, where your CAPEX will be reduced and control your IT budget without sacrificed the IT performance.

Servers on the Cloud

IT Budgets are always difficult when servers are obsolete or expansion is required. Servers on the Cloud helps to control the IT Budget, Servers are updated, redundancy is just a feature, you will pay what you use and expansion can be done in a minutes.
We can work together to find the suitable solution for your company. 

Network Mobility

Your customers requires faster and better services, and unified networks provides the flexibility to access the information no matter the device you are using and the user profile categories will remain on all devices while using the network.


In the way we open our network for more flexibility, we need to increase our lever of protection. Choose for a solution combining your user profiles with the access permission and the antivirus for the network. 

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Network Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing


Unified Networks allow your business being more agile by managing the user per profile, undependable of the device used to access the network, even do remote office access. CAPEX reduction due to the cable installation reduction and improve the network flexibility. Additionally Servers on the Cloud allow you to pay what you use and forget about suddenly expansions no forecasted in the budget.

Servers on the Cloud

Network Mobility



IT partner with enhance network solutions

Server on the Cloud Is the next migration for reducing the cost, depreciation and unexpected expansions or obsolescence problems difficult to forecast in a yearly budget. Servers are ready for comply your network requirements and increase the capacity in minutes. Pay what you use concept reduce the cost of purchasing capacity for future use also the redundancy is just a matter of service instead additional hardware cost.


Network Mobility allows the network users to access the data and network services from a different devices while the user will keep the profile (Access categories, type of devices, VPN access, etc) . Additionally provide flexibility to increase the number of users without cabling installation and reducing the time of activation. Premises change will not affect the network access either increase the cost of the IT infrastructure.


Security. User mobility requirements open the door for malicious attacks against your network, and solutions seem to be too expensive. By unifying the network, the implementation cost for secure access with a different factor of authentication can be more accessible and also protect the end point i.e. PCs, labtops, desktops, mobile device, etc. On top of that Intrusion Prevention solution can be implemented in parallel to protect the network from attacks and threats, while keeping your shield updated from new possible attacks.


Services. The success of unified network deployment is the knowledge and experience on the migration path accomplishment form end to end services such as; Network Consulting, Network Design, Network Implementation, Project Management, Network Maintenance and Remote Support.

Network Consulting works together on understanding the business requirement and translated to the network requirements which are the input for the network Design.

Network Design service studies the requirement and defines how the network should be dimensioned and it is structure. Dimensioning is focus on reduce the CAPEX and just pay for what it is used.

Network Implementation follows the industrial standards for successful implementation and the main driver is the time to market, because your business is the most important.

Project Management secures all activities will be planned, managed and controlled to deliver the project with high quality, clean and on time. PMI or PRiSM methodology will used for the project and agreed with the sponsor.

Network Maintenance will assure all network nodes are working properly and prevent any outage by monitoring their performance. Different categories can be selected depending on the network size.

Remote Support is an additional feature you can offer to your users since the usually IT resources are limited. Your end users should have a customer satisfaction with point of measurement to obtain the end user satisfaction and help your business with reliability.

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